Since 2015, in response to our traditional customer demands, this has become a new area of development for our company.


The successful completion of “Waterpark Oradea Nymphaea” project in April 2016 guarantees our ability to deliver on time, within budget and in the best quality conditions such complex projects.

We work directly with the leading manufacturers of ceramic materials which have divisions dedicated to the production of ceramic tiles for swimming pools (Casalgrande Padana, Agrob Buchtal), with renowned manufacturers of auxiliary materials for cladding (waterproofing, adhesives, sealants, etc.) (Henkel – Ceresit, Mapei ) and with companies specialized in accesories for pools (grills gutters, pools floats, color separators, bookmarks, blockstarturi, etc.) (Depa).

We also work with specialists in execution of specific installations for pools in order to provide optimized sollutions for our customers’ requirements.

The “Waterpark Oradea Nymphaea” figures

Project duration in months
Square meters of pool bottom high resistance screeds
Square meters of pool waterproofings
Meters of wet areas sealing
Meters of silicone sealing

Tones of supplied and installed materials.
Square meters of ceramic tiles supplied
Square meters of ceramic tiles and glass mosaic installed
Meters of pool grills installed
80 flooring installers + 4 engineers – allocated staff

Services we executed whithin this project:

  • Pool walls leveling
  • Interior and exterior pools waterproofing
  • Interior and exterior ceramic tiles installation
  • Pool ceramic tiles installation

See project video presentation CLICK HERE