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For over 16 years we have been offering complex and integrated solutions in the field of ceramic tiling. 

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Swimming Pools and Aqua & Fun Projects

We have been specialising in ceramic cladding works for swimming pools and aqua & fun projects since 2015, at the request of our clients.

We grow at the pace of our customers

With the development of this subdomain within the company, we enjoy the opportunity to expand our expertise in new areas that our customers are interested in. Aquapark Nymphaea gives us a special kind of fulfilment since it is the largest and most ambitious project in our portfolio. On this occasion, we also had the opportunity to collaborate with specialists in the execution of pool-specific installations in order to provide complete and optimized solutions for the requirements and needs of our customers.

We work directly with prestigious ceramic material manufacturers who have divisions dedicated to the production of ceramic tiles for swimming pools (Casalgrande Padana, Agrob Buchtal), with well-known manufacturers of auxiliary materials for cladding – waterproofing, adhesives, putties, etc. (Henkel – Ceresit, Mapei) 149 / 5,000 Translation results and with manufacturers of pool accessories – gutter grills, pool floats, color separators, markings, blockstarts, etc. (Depa).

The “Aquapark Nymphaea Oradea” project in numbers

Project duration in months
Square meters of pool bottom high resistance screeds
Square meters of pool waterproofings
Meters of wet areas sealing
Meters of silicone sealing
Tones of supplied and installed materials
Square meters of ceramic tiles supplied
Square meters of ceramic tiles and glass mosaic installed
Meters of pool grills installed
80 flooring installers + 4 engineers – allocated staff

Services we executed within this project:

Pool walls leveling

Interior and exterior pools waterproofing

Interior and exterior ceramic tiles installation

All pool ceramic tiles installation